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    Thetford Conservation Group – July 2021


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    As the song goes, summer is a-coming in now and with the combination of warmth and rain, everything is growing really vigorously – both plants and weeds!  So, we will be tackling ragwort (invasive and must be controlled as it is toxic to livestock), Himalayan balsam (potentially hugely invasive and over-dominant), and any weed daring to compete with our precious young trees. 

    At least this year we have improved weapons technology when it comes to tackling the ragwort, in the form of specialist forks (pictured left) which should make it a much less onerous task than last year!

    We also have one more trip out this month – after our exploration of a local woodland last month, we will see how different an ancient woodland looks when we look at Norfolk Wildlife Trust’s Wayland Wood.  There we might see some of the true yellow archangel, a rare native plant, not to be confused with the dreaded variegated form which has escaped from gardens into Frederick’s Wood and is threatening to take over there.

    So lets get stuck into those pesky weeds as best we can (all contributions to the attack, whether large or small, will be gratefully accepted).  Kneeling pads (and possibly by the end of the month, tea) will be available to make life as easy as we can.

    Please note the extra Tuesday task (6th July) as well as the usual Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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