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      If you wish to apply for an allotment within Thetford please fill in this form and you will be added to the waiting list.

      (Please mark a tick in the box against the site(s) preferred)

      Please confirm if you would like a full or half plot as you will go on the relevant waiting list.

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      Please note that indicating ‘No Preference’ may result in a shorter waiting time.

      The yearly cost of a full plot allotment is £52.00 (concession £47.00)
      The yearly cost of a half plot allotment is £32.00 (concession £29.00)

      Proof of receipt of State Pension is required to qualify for concessionary rate.

      Complete Concession fees 2020/2021:  Allotment Fees 2020/2021 (395 downloads)
      Complete Concession fees 2021/2022:  Allotment Fees 2021/2022 (432 downloads)

      Note: Newly marked-out plots will cover an area of at least 250m² (being the currently accepted definition of ’10 poles’).  That said, allotment tenants are asked to accept that, for historical reasons, the sizes of already established plots on some sites may vary significantly.

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