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    Volunteer Tree Wardens are needed for Thetford

    Thetford is very lucky to be blessed with many beautiful trees and woodlands in the centre of the town. These trees are important to the landscape of Thetford and provide vital habitat for urban wildlife. Thetford Town Council is looking to recruit Tree Wardens to help look after our trees in the parish.

    Volunteering as a Tree Warden is a great opportunity for residents to play a part in conserving and enhancing local trees and woodlands in the town. The scheme is open to all adults and there is no minimum skill level or time commitment required. Initially we will be asking wardens to keep watch over the trees in a particular area of the town. Tree wardens will provide a vital role in protecting Thetford’s trees by reporting on early signs of pests, disease and vandalism. Wardens would be expected to walk around and report any problems with the trees especially after stormy weather.

    As the role develops, the council anticipate that the tree wardens will have the opportunity to get involved in planting new trees.

    If you have further questions or you would like to register your interest in becoming a Tree Warden contact Roz Barnett (Amenities Land and Property Officer) Tel: 01842 754247

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