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    TTC/06/2022 Thetford Town Council Tender Advert.

    Tender Fish Pass Contract Finder

    02549_100_P02 – Thetford Notching Works Site Map

    02549_110_P03 Thetford Notching Works Design

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    Thetford Town Council (TTC) is looking for a tendered price to formalise the natural breach in the true left bank of the River Thet at Ford Meadow local to Nun’s Bridge, Thetford.

    The natural breach has created a by-pass channel that can function to improve fish passage and transfer between the River Little Ouse and downstream River Thet to upstream River Thet. The proposal is to create a barrage across the breach and install a notch to allow flow from the Thet into the channel.

    Plans have been designed by Fishtek (attached) and specified by the Environment Agency.  The tender price must cost the plans as designed by Fishtek.

    The tender submission must also cost a variation with no notch installed (complete barrier).


    Tender requirements


    • Written itemised tender price for the works.
    • Tenders should include a price for both with the notch and without the notch.
    • Copy of public liability insurance up to £10 million.
    • Copy of company Health and Safety Policy (If company has more than 5 employees).
    • Example method statement and example Risk Assessment.
    • Details of 2 references that can be contacted by the Council.
    • Tender’s environmental policy




    The evaluation will be undertaken by a panel of councillors and the Town Clerk and will be broken down into the following parts: 

    70% Price

    30% Quality score (meeting specification)

    TTC will assess how well each of the criteria, important for successful delivery of this contract, has been satisfied.  Please ensure the responses given are clear, concise and complete to ensure proper understanding.

    TTC will liaise with the Environment Agency on tenders received to ensure they meet the specification of project and to monitor delivery.

    Submission of tender


    Failure to supply any of the above will result in the Tender being rejected.

    Tenders to be received by 1pm, Wednesday the 7th of September 2022.


    Sealed inner envelopes to be clearly marked ‘Tender – River Notch Ford Meadow’ and marked for the Attention of the Town Clerk, Thetford Town Council



    Postal Address:

    The Carnegie,

    Cage Lane,



    IP24 2DS.


    Tel: 01842 754247.


    Tenders cannot be received electronically and will be discarded if received in this format. 


    Details of the winning contract will be published in accordance with the Local Government Transparency Code 2015.


    Further information


    For maps, further information and the arrangement of site visits, please contact Nick Thompson, Town Team Manager, on mobile number 07760 629223


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