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    Wednesday 26th July 2023 

    A Norfolk Town Council has joined the growing list of organisations objecting to the closure of ticket offices at Norfolk’s train stations. 

    Thetford Town Council met on the evening of Tuesday 25th July for its full council meeting and discussed the national consultation which closes today (26/07/23) considering the closure of nearly all ticket offices nationwide. 

    The Council resolved unanimously to object to the closure, which would include Thetford’s ticket office and further agreed to submit an agreed statement of objection to the consultation. 

    Councillor Adam Mitchell, who tabled the statement said; “I am delighted that Thetford Town Council has agreed to place on record our dissatisfaction with the potential impact of the proposed changes to ticket office closures at Thetford Train Station. Our main concerns are that the closure of the ticket office will mean higher fares for passengers, noting that this is a proposal that will disproportionately impact some of the most vulnerable in society. The removal of staff from the ticket offices will also make it harder for passengers to receive necessary assistance. The Government should be making it easier, cheaper and more convenient for people to use this form of transport, not making it more difficult”. 

    According to the latest estimates by the Office of Road and Rail, 226,022 journeys were made from Thetford Train Station between April 2021 and March 2022. This was a significant increase from the numbers travelling during the Covid pandemic. Approximately two-thirds of these journeys were made by people using a reduced-price ticket such as those with a family railcard or a senior railcard. Whilst only 13% of journeys are made by season tickets.  

    Councillor Doug Jefferson added: “Thetford is clearly a station that is not as commonly used by regular commuters but more often by passengers who are using the service for leisure or to visit friends and family. These commuters will be more likely to fall into the trap above and purchase tickets at much higher prices than are available elsewhere. Indeed those most in need of discounts, will be at a greater disadvantage, and those who can least afford the increased standard fares, will find it harder to purchase better value tickets. We note that no Equality Impact Assessment has been provided alongside this consultation and question if this has been considered at all”. 

    To view the full Thetford Town Council response to the consultation, please visit the link below.

    Thetford-Town-Council-Ticket-Office-Closure-Consultation.pdf (23 downloads)

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