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    Thetford Town Council Press Release – Future plans for Thetford Market Place. 

    Thetford Town Council Press Release 

    Future plans for Thetford Market Place. 

    At the Full Town Council meeting on Tuesday 28th June 2022, it was agreed in a recorded vote to grant The Red Lion Public House a temporary licence for 12 months to utilise part of the Market Place as an outdoor eating and drinking area. Work for the town-wide Heritage Master Plan development bid will continue and Future Thetford consultations will take place.  

    Prior to this meeting, a working group consisting of market stall traders, Red Lion Public House staff and Councillors discussed and agreed the conditions that would support all parties agreeing with the proposal. 

    This decision also allows other Market Place tenants to apply for similar licences if they would like to, in the future. 

    The recorded vote was as follows: 


    Cllr Terry Jermy 

    Cllr Susan Dowling 


    Cllr Stuart Wright  

    Cllr Jane James 

    Cllr Denis Crawford 

    Cllr Dave Hodgkinson 

    Cllr Jen Hollis 

    Cllr Mark Taylor 

    Cllr Brenda Canham 

    Cllr Mike Brindle 

    Cllr Barbara Tullett 


    Cllr Chris Harvey 

    Cllr Carla Barreto  



    The Town Council is the lead body on The NHLF Heritage Masterplan bid with partners including Ancient House Museum, Charles Burrell Museum, Crown Services, Pidgeon Management and English Heritage, with the initial bid being submitted.  There will be a series of consultation events to allow all interested parties to put forward their ideas and opinions, as part of this plan. 

    Thetford Mayor Councillor Jane James stated: 

    “This decision by the Town Council represents an opportunity to explore and develop the marketplaces potential as a mixed-use venue for the benefit of all the town’s residents.” 

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