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    Public Consultation. Steps at Castle Mound. What do you think?

    Thetford Castle is nationally significant scheduled monument and is located in the Thetford conservation area. In 2008 Thetford Town Council took over the ownership of the site and on the 1st of November 2014 Thetford Town Council entered into a 10 year Higher Level Stewardship agreement which included Thetford Castle. A higher level stewardship management plan has been produced for the site by experts and is the document that informs how the Town Council manages the site.

    Whilst public access to the site has been encouraged the management plan identified the erosion scars as a major threat to the monument. The management plan for the site strongly recommends that a set of steps should be built to cover the erosion scars and stop further deterioration. The town council has been awarded a grant of £65,000 to build the steps.

    The town council would like to build stairs into the ditch area and then a straight run of stairs to the top of the mound. It is proposed that the stairs will be made metal and green composite materials. It is hoped that the composite materials will blend into the mound and not be attractive to metal thieves. The proposals for a platform around the top have been abandoned because of excessive cost.

    For more information or to let the council know your views contact the Amenities Land and Property Officer Roz Barnett on 01842 754247 or email

    Steps at Castle Mound (374 downloads)

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