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    Press Release concerning recent issues on the Rivers Little Ouse and Thet

    Joint press release concerning recent issues on the Rivers Little Ouse and Thet, by the Environment Agency and Thetford Town Council.

    The low water levels upstream of Coffee Mill, and the slow flows downstream are the result of a breach in the left bank upstream of Nuns’ Bridges.  Most of the flow from the Thet is now being diverted down a smaller channel and into the Little Ouse at Pulp Mill.

    The Environment Agency is currently working with Thetford Town Council to find a solution that will restore the levels and allow fish to move freely between the Little Ouse and Thet rivers. A feasibility study will be completed after which both the Environment Agency and the Town Council will discuss the possible actions to be taken. The council will take the options to the Amenities, Land and Property Committee for discussion and decision. The decision will be published in the minutes, which will be available on the town council website.

    The Environment Agency has some funding available this financial year to address the problem and is currently working with consultants to determine the feasibility of several options.   Depending on the final option and cost, we hope to implement it before the end of March 2019.

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