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    Gritting Volunteers

    Thetford Town Council are looking for people who are prepared to brave the winter weather and clear snow and ice from around their homes. The teams of volunteers will be responsible for clearing snow and ice from the pavements in their area and gritting them. Equipment and training will be provided. This scheme was set up by Norfolk County Council in 2011. The County Council as the Highways Authority cover the major Norfolk network, prioritising routes according to need and severity of weather conditions. This scheme gives residents the opportunity to clear pathways over and above what the highways authority are able to provide. The grit bins will be provided and installed once it is known which areas can be covered by the volunteers.

    Town Clerk Maurice Howard said he was looking for as many people as possible to get involved. “The volunteers last year did a fantastic job and many have signed up again this year, but we would like as many areas in the town as possible to be covered, and to do this we need more volunteers. All volunteers are given equipment and training and are covered under the Town Council’s insurance. There has been a myth that if you clear a path and someone slips and falls that you are liable, which may have put people off from volunteering in previous years. As long as you follow the training given and use the equipment provided then you will be covered”.

    If you are interested in volunteering for the scheme, please call Thetford Town Council on 01842 754247 and ask for Emma Kelly. A meeting for current and potential volunteers will be held in the Council Chambers, Kings House, Thetford at 6.00pm on 18th November 2015.

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