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    Future Use of Thetford Market Place

    At the recent meeting of Thetford Town Full Council on Tuesday 29 October 2021, the councillors made following the decision.

    RESOLVED: That Thetford Town Council: 

    • That a final consultation on the Marketplace should be carried out as soon as possible. This would be on-line and in person, well promoted and well engaged.
    • The car park should be reopened as soon as practical whilst this consultation is being held with the relevant H&S checks being carried out. Wetherspoons should be asked to remove their temporary outside space in the car park.

    The Consultation questions, possible future options and survey process is currently being formulated by a group of seven designated Councillors, with results to be approved by Full Council. As the decision requires when the consultation process is launched, it will be available for all residents to engage through a number of online formats, as well as public consultation events, together with the opportunity to complete a hard copy obtained from the Town Council Office, The Carnegie, Cage Lane, Thetford and the Guildhall Tea Room, The Guildhall, Market Place, Thetford during their opening hours.

    The second part of the decision is underway and once the BDC/NCC Covid Bus that is booked until Friday 12th November and the annual Remembrance parade and memorial wreath laying has taken place on Sunday 14th November 2021, the Market Place will reopen on Sunday 14th November 2021 at 2:30pm.

    The Market Place car park will continue to be closed every Tuesday & Saturday during the hours of 6am and 4pm for the weekly Market and the Town Council will reserve the right to close the Market Place on any occasion it plans to deliver public events such as Christmas Lights switch on Friday 26th November 2021, these will as in the past be publicised in advance.

    It is the Town Councils intention that the consultation process will be concluded for Town Council to provide final approval on the Future use of Thetford Market Place by Spring of 2022.

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