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    Completion of External Audit

    Please find attached the interim report from our external auditors. Please note below their explanation of the reason for the audit not being completed by the statutory deadline.

    If you are enquiring about our external auditor report and notice of conclusion:

    • We have issued either a closure letter with Section 3 report signed and certified or an ‘interim’ closure letter with Section 3 report (uncertified) to all authorities who have submitted an AGAR for review. If you have not yet received either the closure email including our external auditor report, or the ‘interim’ closure email with our interim (uncertified) report, then please email us to confirm this fact. The reviews of those AGARs where an ‘interim’ report has been issued are in progress. We are working through them in date order of receipt and subsequent completion of the files. Final reports and certificates will be issued as soon as the review work has been completed (many have already been issued since the ‘interim’ closure letters were sent out. Notice of the Conclusion of External Audit (301 downloads)

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