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    Business Connectors programme

    The Business Connectors programme, backed by HRH the Prince of Wales, is run by the charity Business in the Community. The scheme takes talented individuals from business and the Civil Service and places them in communities of greatest need ā€“ allowing them to use their time, networks and expertise to connect the needs of their local community with local business resources.

    Anne Cutts has left her day job as a civil servant with DWP, for 12 months to take up this unique role. ā€œIā€™m delighted to be the Business Connector for Thetford and am grateful to have the opportunity to undertake this role. I believe business has a vital role to play in supporting and working with the voluntary sector and am very much looking to forward to making a real difference to the local communities and individual people that live here, whilst tackling some of the social and economic issues in this region. Please contact me at or ring 07855 319490 if you think I can help your group or you are a business who want to be more involved in your community”

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