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    Kristofer Brooks



    My name is Kris Brooks and I am one of two new councillors for the new Iceni ward in Thetford.

    I’m fast approaching 43 years of age and a father of two young children. I was born in Thetford and I have lived and worked in Thetford for the majority of my life. I wish to see Thetford thrive and want Thetford to be the success story, I know it can be. We have such an incredible history here in the town, with so much beauty. As a councillor, I want to see complete transparency in the decisions made, and to encourage a greater input from the people of Thetford. It’s our town and I strongly believe the town folk should be at the forefront of decision making; decisions that ultimately affect us all.  I love exploring our great surroundings, I’m a keen musician, love capturing life on film and enjoy photography.

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