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    The Mayor

    The Mayor of Thetford is Councillor Jane James.

    The Mayor of Thetford wears a chain of office when carrying out official engagements. The chain is also worn on ceremonial occasions as part of the official dress.

    The Mayor’s Chaplain is Rev Peter Herbert.

    Having grown up and been educated in Thetford, Jane is proud to call Thetford home with her family and is passionate about delivering a Thetford that we can all be proud of through investment that embraces Thetford’s past, present and future.

    Jane is particularly keen to continue the work in preserving and regenerating St Peter’s Church, having had fond memories of evenings there as a teenager in the church youth group.  She also supports the innovative management approaches to the Town’s Common and Open Spaces: being mindful of the saying about leaving a place better than when you arrived.

    Jane is delighted that the Reverend Dr Peter Herbert has agreed to be her Mayor’s Chaplain for this coming year.  St Cuthbert’s was very important to Jane’s family whilst they were growing up and it still feels like home all these years later.

    One of the first jobs for the Chaplain will be to lead the Mayor’s Civic Service which takes place on Sunday 29th May at 10.30am in St Cuthbert’s Church.

    One of the key aspects of the Mayor’s year in office is the Mayor’s Charity.  It is a privilege to be able to support, highlight and promote a cause or causes close to their heart and it may come as no surprise to you that Jane’s chosen charity for this year is the Norfolk Reading Project.  During Jane’s time as a school governor, the importance of literacy in our communities has become more and more important and through the fabulous work that Anne and her team of volunteers undertake in our schools, we can help support this crucial building block for our families.  Jane is delighted that this will be forming part of a larger, joined up project with the Norfolk Community Foundation and the National Literacy Trust in Thetford to not only support the raising of standards in our schools but to promote a joy of reading for all, regardless of age.

    As well as being a Town Councillor, Jane is also a Breckland District Councillor and a Norfolk County Councillor.

    Jane has worked alongside several groups and organisations in a volunteer capacity over a number of years and continues as Treasurer for the Thetford Municipal and United Charities.

    Her Worship, Cllr James said “Serving as Mayor is a real privilege that not many people get to experience, so it is a huge honour that I am very grateful for.  I feel humbled by the faith that my fellow Councillors have placed in me by supporting me in this role and I look forward to working with each and every one of you as members of #TeamThetford as we work together for the benefit of Thetford and its residents.

    I am also looking forward to raising money and awareness for my chosen charity and being able to celebrate all the fantastic aspects of Thetford wherever our travels take us.”

    The Mayor is keen to support all manner of local organisations and events.  If you would like to invite the Mayor to an event or function please complete our online form Mayor's booking form (400 downloads) and email it to

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