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    Anne Bartholomew

    Information about the councillors that represent Anne Bartholomew

    Jenny Hollis


    Chair of Allotments Committee

    Town Council Representative serving on: Thetford Municipal and United Charities


    Information about the councillors that represent Boudica

    Mac MacDonald



    After a full military career, Mac and his family settled in Thetford, making it their home in 2014. Keen to support the towns RAF links he was a driving force behind the granting of freedom for RAF Honington, a link which he hopes to build on. Mac’s hands-on approach and can-do-attitude to support the town has seen his involvement in many activities such as; The River Corridor Group, Community Speed Watch, 100 Day Womble Litter Pick, Norwich Road Estate Residents Association (Deputy Chair), Safer Thetford Action Group (Chair) and the Staniforth Trust (independent) to name but a few.

    Still wearing an RAF uniform a few days a week in a reserve role, he also works at the RAF Regiment Heritage Centre as Manager, although he believes that the other volunteers may actually be in charge.

    He is looking forward to meeting more of the fantastic volunteers from across the town and working with them, whilst also collaborating with the other Councillors to help Thetford reach its potential.

    His mantra is “If you are positive in thought word and deed, Thetford will benefit”

    Barbara Tullett



    Barbara moved from London to Thetford in 1973, an area she values for its history and easy access to green spaces.  She has two daughters and six grandchildren, all living in Norfolk. Barbara’s children grew up on the Woodlands and Ladies Estate, attending the local schools. Recognising the importance of nature for wellbeing, Barbara is committed to supporting projects that promote the use of outside spaces and provide recreational amenities for all ages.

    Barbara is the Treasurer for The Friends of Thetford Museum.  Her grandchildren have visited the museum with their schools and to attend history club. Thetford is rich in history which is reflected in the museums and she believes it is important to conserve Thetford’s history and heritage.

    Barbara worked for 20 years in various departments within the MoD. She feels that it is now time to give something back to her local community and devote the time and effort required in serving as a Town Councillor.

    The changing face of the High Street presents a challenge and Barbara will work towards the transformation of the town centre and river frontage into a social hub. Barbara is an avid reader and cinema goer, she supports independent traders and promotes buy local. She is committed to the development of Thetford to provide a town to meet the future needs of the next generation.

    David Hodgkinson


    Vice Chair of Amenities, Land and Properties Committee

    I have lived in Thetford – on the Norwich Road estate – since 1975 and over the years I have been an active member of a number of community groups in the town.

    I am currently a committee member of ‘The Norwich Road Residents Association’, Treasurer for the ‘Thetford Community Association’ and a volunteer and board member for ‘The Charles Burrell Centre’.

    I think Thetford is a great place to live and I am pleased that I now have the opportunity to serve the residents of Thetford on the Town Council.

    I am keen to listen to those that I represent and I will bring their concerns to the council. Working together, I am sure that we can make Thetford even better.


    Information about the councillors that represent Burrell

    Carla Barreto


    Vice Chair of Venue, Events and Marketing Committee

    As a Town councillor, my aims are to provide all residents with a voice, in order to improve the town and its services making Thetford a place everyone is proud of. I also want to promote more transparency and communication between the Town Council and the public, and support approaches that promote interaction between generations, building on mutual respect and understanding. Lastly, I want to encourage residents from the most varied groups in the community to have a positive and active participation in community life and its services.

    Town Council representative serving on Greater Thetford Development Partnership Community Sub-Group and Thetford Music Project.

    Chris Harvey


    Breckland District Councillor

    As a local and a great believer in grass roots democracy and a long term Labour voter I wanted to stand for Council to give residents a voice which seemed to be ignored and give something back to our town.

    Town Council representative serving on Nunnery Lakes Advisory Committee.

    Denis Crawford


    Vice Chair of Allotments and  Cemetery Committees

    Denis moved from London and settled in Thetford in 1972. He worked at Baxter Healthcare as a machine setter and then at Thetford Sports Centre as the Catering Manager. Since making Thetford his home Denis has become a county councillor for Thetford East and Town and district councillor for Burrell Ward.

    Terry Jermy


    Breckland District Councillor & Norfolk County Councillor

    Chair of Amenities Committee

    The youngest member of the Council joined in July 2008.

    Terry is passionate about supporting children and young people in Thetford and supporting our local communities.


    Information about the councillors that represent Castle

    Kenneth Parker



    Jane James


    Breckland District Councillor & Norfolk County Councillor 

    Chair of Heritage & Town Events and Finance Committees

    All invitations to the Mayor must be sent to the Mayor’s Secretary as follows: by post King’s House, King Street, Thetford, IP24 2AT, by phone 01842 754247 or email

    The Town Mayor is an ex officio member of all the Committees and Chairman of the Planning Committee.

    Having grown up and been educated in Thetford, Jane is proud to call Thetford home with her family and is passionate about delivering a Thetford that we can call be proud of through investment that embraces Thetford’s past, present and future.  She is a Certified Bookkeeper, supporting businesses of all sizes with their finances.  Jane is committed to the volunteer groups in Thetford, as demonstrated through her roles as Treasurer for both Link-Up: Breckland’s Talking Newspaper and 3rd Thetford Scout Group as well as being actively engaged with other local charities and organisations.

    Jane is particularly keen to continue the work in preserving and regenerating St Peter’s Church, having had fond memories of evenings there as a teenager in the church youth group.  She also supports the innovative management approaches to the Town’s Common and Open Spaces: being mindful of the saying about leaving a place better than when you arrived.

    Chair of Finance Committee.

    Town Council representative serving on Greater Thetford Development Partnership, Safer Thetford Action Group and Thetford Music Project.

    Roy Brame


    Breckland District Councillor

    Roy Brame was born in Thetford and has run his own retail business in the town for more than thirty years. He first served as a Conservative on the Town Council in 2007 and takes great pride in the heritage of the Town which was once a cultural and industrial centre. The Burrell engines were known throughout the world and Thomas Paine is a renowned historical figure. Roy’s aspirations as a councillor are that we could use these wonderful legacies and marvellous location to bring commerce, industry and pride back to Thetford and make it a modern, beautiful, inspirational town to live in. He served as Mayor of Thetford during 2018/2019.

    Town Council representative serving on Energy Power Resources Thetford.


    Stuart Wright


    Chair of Planning, Venues & Communications and Vice Chair of Heritage & Town Events Committees

    Town Council Representative serving on Energy Power Resources Thetford, Greater Thetford Development Partnership (Alternate) and Thetford Tourism and Heritage Partnership.


    Information about the councillors that represent Priory

    Mike Brindle


    Breckland District Councillor

    My aims for Thetford are to see more varied jobs available, to protect our heritage, develop tourism and to make the Town Council more accountable.

    I strongly support the development of community and youth facilites such as Charles Burrell Centre.  Thetford should have more control over our own future!

    Town Council Representative serving on: Charles Burrell Centre Ltd Directors.

    Brenda Canham


    Chair of Cemetery and Vice Chair of Personnel Committees

    Breckland District Councillor

    Having served on Thetford Town Council for the last eight years, my decision to re-stand was easy. Having served on various committees I felt there was still work to do and would like to see it through. Our Town is a place of historical interest which the Council maintains for the future, but we must also think of the younger generation and their future and therefore meet their needs too.

    Town Council Representative serving on: Burrell Museum Board of Trustees, Diss, Thetford & District Citizens Advice Bureau, Greater Thetford Development Partnership, Thetford Municipal & United Charities and the Thetford Society.


    Vicarage Road

    Information about the councillors that represent Vicarage Road

    Susan Dowling

    Party: Labour

    Breckland District Councillor.

    I have lived in Thetford since 1998 and I have been an active member of community groups.

    I am on the Committee of Thetford Open Gardens and Chair of the Board of Governors for Damara School.

    I am Chair of Thetford Amnesty Group and a Trustee of The Daisy Project.

    Thetford is an area of outstanding natural beauty and we need to respect our environment and reduce our carbon footprint whilst conserving our unique heritage.  My aim on becoming a councillor is to encourage residents to take part in Local Government to ensure that actions are taken on their behalf and that of their community.

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