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    Anne Bartholomew

    Information about the councillors that represent Anne Bartholomew

    Stuart Terry



    Breckland District Councillor

    Vice Chair of Heritage & Events

    Stuart has lived in Thetford for most of his life. He lives at Fairfields with his wife and son. Stuart has served as your District Councillor since 2019, re-elected in May 2023 and also elected to the Town Council the same year.

    Stuart works locally for a worldwide brand that supplies the motorsport industry and has volunteered as a Coach for local sports teams. He supports many local clubs and groups and regularly hosts charity quiz nights, raising funds for charitable causes.

    Stuart says: “I believe we need Councillors that are proud of where they live, are embedded in their local communities and work hard on behalf of residents. I hope I have demonstrated my hard work and commitment since being elected as your Councillor and I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to serve you”.

    Stuart feels strongly about food poverty and the effect of the current cost of living crisis that is hitting many households. He wants to be able to support those in need and he campaigns on issues including Fuel Poverty and education.  Stuart is a firm believer in diversity and equality and he campaigns against food poverty which he witnessed first-hand when he volunteered at the Thetford Food Bank. The current cost of living crisis is also high on his agenda and he aims to help residents who are struggling.

    On the Town Council Stuart is Vice Chair of the Heritage and Events Committee and also a member of the Finance & Personnel Committee and Planning Committee. At Breckland level, Stuart is a Council representative on the Youth Advisory Board for Thetford.


    Information about the councillors that represent Boudica

    Adam Mitchell



    Adam was elected to Thetford Town Council for the first time in May 2023. He is pleased to represent the Boudica Town Ward which includes everything between Croxton Road and Norwich Road including Woodlands Estate, Fairfields, Highlands and Norwich Road Estate.

    Adam has lived in Thetford since 1999 and settled here with his wife and four children. Adam’s children have all now either fled the nest or are preparing to. Adam has worked for Royal Mail for many years and has delivered post or parcels throughout most of the town and surrounding villages. Many Thetford residents will recognise Adam from his Royal Mail role. Adam is active within the Communication Workers Union too, helping staff across the region and campaigning for fairer pay and conditions.

    Adam said: “I think the town has a strong sense of community and I would like to help put Thetford on the map as somewhere that people are proud to live. I have worked in the trade union within Royal Mail and supported colleagues when in need of help. The skills that I have learnt through this I would like to put to use helping local residents as well. I believe in freedom, fairness and more facilities for local people”.

    On the Town Council Adam is a member of the Planning Committee as well as the Heritage and Events Committee.

    David Evans



    Ieuan was elected to the Town Council for the first time in May 2023 and represents the Boudica Ward.

    He is originally from a small village near Llanelli in South Wales. He arrived in Thetford after spells living in Bristol, Washington DC, Edinburgh and Inverness. He is a scientist by training and has since moved into nature conservation where he works in fundraising and communications for a Thetford-based organisation. He has been a Thetford resident for over ten years and has a child at Drake Primary School. He is a keen birdwatcher, cyclist and motorcyclist.

    Ieuan said: “I really love Thetford and I am so happy to call it home. I love the river, forest and all the amazing walks nearby. I want the best for my family and in particular my son, which is why I have put myself forward as a candidate for the first time. Thetford has its challenges and I want to help address those where possible and support local residents”.

    Ieuan is a member of the Amenities Committee, as well as the Planning Committee.

    Mac MacDonald


    Local Conservative

    Vice Chair of the Planning Committee.

    After a full military career, Mac and his family settled in Thetford, making it their home in 2014. Keen to support the towns RAF links he was a driving force behind the granting of freedom for RAF Honington, a link which he hopes to build on. Mac’s hands-on approach and can-do-attitude to support the town has seen his involvement in many activities such as; The River Corridor Group, Community Speed Watch, 100 Day Womble Litter Pick, Norwich Road Estate Residents Association (Deputy Chair), Safer Thetford Action Group (Chair) and the Staniforth Trust (independent) to name but a few.

    Still wearing an RAF uniform a few days a week in a reserve role, he also works at the RAF Regiment Heritage Centre as Manager, although he believes that the other volunteers may actually be in charge.

    He is looking forward to meeting more of the fantastic volunteers from across the town and working with them, whilst also collaborating with the other Councillors to help Thetford reach its potential.

    His mantra is “If you are positive in thought word and deed, Thetford will benefit”


    Information about the councillors that represent Burrell

    David Blackbourn



    Breckland District Councillor

    Vice Chair of Finance & Personnel Committee.

    David was elected for the first time to both the Town Council and Breckland Council in May 2023, covering Burrell Ward on both Councils.

    David lives on Burrell Ward at Nightingale Way with his wife Ann who is also a Councillor.

    Now retired, David is very active in his local community supporting residents through his volunteering with Thetford Citizens Advice. David wants to continue to provide that support as your local Councillor. David and Ann have previously opened their garden for Thetford Open Gardens, raising vital money for St Nicholas Hospice Care.

    With over 25 years of experience working with disadvantaged people and supporting them. David has seen at first-hand how individuals and families are affected by the actions of local, regional and national government. He’s been involved in benefit take up campaigns, increasing the income of communities by helping people claim disability benefits that many people are unaware of.

    David said: “Becoming involved with the local Labour Party, and the current Labour Councillors, has made me aware of how important it is at the grass roots of local democracy and how lives can be improved. I’ve lived in Norfolk for over 50 years, and Thetford for nearly 40. My family were raised here. This town was buzzing. So, what has happened? Thetford has so much potential, but is it being realised?”.

    On the Town Council David is Vice Chair of the Finance & Personnel Committee and also sits on the Planning Committee. On Breckland Council David is a member of the Licensing Committee.

    Victor Peters



    Vic Peters was successfully elected to represent the Burrell Ward on the Town Council in May 2023. He first stood for Burrell Ward in 2019, but missed out by just 22 votes!
    Vic lives on Burrell Ward at Fir Road with his wife. He has two grown up sons and a young grandson. Vic will be recognisable to many residents through his role as a postman, something that he has done for many years. Vic is very active in the Communication Workers Union (CWU).

    Vic said: “I am proud to call Thetford my home. I feel Thetford has a really great sense of community and is a wonderful place to live and work. It has a lot more going for it then people give it credit for but it also has so much potential not being met. I aim to help unlock Thetford’s potential for the betterment of the whole community. I particularly would like to see our existing residential estates and communities better supported by the Town Council, including Barnham Cross Estate and Redcastle”.

    Prior to his career as a Postman, Vic was in the Merchant Navy for 12 years, working up through the ranks from a galley boy, to second cook and baker. He travelled the world but left when he started a family.

    Vic is passionate about sport and been active with Thetford Town Cricket Club in the past, serving on the committee for six years, three of which he was Chairman. He is currently a committee member of Thetford Rugby Club.

    On the Town Council Vic is a member of the Heritage and Events Committee as well as the Venues & Communications Committee and Planning Committee.

    Carla Barreto


    As a Town councillor, my aims are to provide all residents with a voice, in order to improve the town and its services making Thetford a place everyone is proud of. I also want to promote more transparency and communication between the Town Council and the public, and support approaches that promote interaction between generations, building on mutual respect and understanding. Lastly, I want to encourage residents from the most varied groups in the community to have a positive and active participation in community life and its services.

    Town Council representative serving on Greater Thetford Development Partnership Community Sub-Group and Thetford Music Project.

    Chris Harvey


    Breckland District Councillor

    Chairman of the Allotments Committee.

    Chris was pleased to be re-elected to both Councils in May 2023, having served on the Town Council since 2015 and Breckland Council since 2019.

    Chris lives on the Burrell Ward at Fulmerston Road and can regularly be seen out and about supporting local residents and addressing community issues. He leads the monthly Burrell Ward community litter pick and hosts regular Councillor Surgeries – he is always on hand to help residents. Chris was brought up locally and attended Norwich Road School and then Thetford Secondary Modern.

    He worked for 25 years at Nichol Beauty Products, then HMC, until retirement. Chris is a proud dad and grandad, with interests including reading, walking and following FC United Football Club. He spent many years active in local football, as a player and then referee. After retirement and having always been interested in politics and a lifetime Labour supporter he wanted to put something back into the town which is why he first stood for election.

    Chris is currently serving as Deputy Mayor of Thetford for 2023/24 which he says is a huge honour and he looks forward to supporting local residents further.

    Chris said “Being elected as a Councillor for Burrell Ward was one of the proudest moments in my life and I hope I have justified the faith of our residents. My aim is to help make our town a better place”.

    On the Town Council Chris is the Chair of the Allotments Committee and also is a member of Planning, Amenities, Finance & Personnel and Venues & Communications as well as the Planning Committee. Chris is also the Town Council representative on the Nunnery Lakes Advisory Committee. On Breckland Chris sits on the Planning Committee and a substitute member of the Appointments and Disciplinary Appeals Committee.


    Information about the councillors that represent Castle

    Hazel McCambridge



    Breckland District Councillor

    Vice Chair of the Amenities (including Cemetery) Committee.

    Hazel was elected for the first time in May 2023 to both the Town Council and Breckland Council.

    Hazel said: “I have lived and worked in Thetford for over ten years and I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful town with rivers and green spaces throughout. Community groups and local businesses are an asset to our town and I believe that with the right investment Thetford has the potential to be a thriving and exciting place for us all to enjoy. My aims are to champion much needed investment including active travel routes, enhance and protect nature and biodiversity, develop community facilities and assist residents in accessing the help and resources they need”

    During the election, Hazel pledged that, if elected, she will make sure to stand up for the people of Thetford. In the face of the cost-of-living crisis and climate emergency, she wants to be a Councillor who works hard to turn our town into the thriving and diverse place it has the potential to be.

    On the Town Council Hazel is Vice Chair of the Amenities Committee and a member of the Planning Committee. On Breckland Council she is a reserve member of both the Scrutiny Committee and the Planning Committee.

    Douglas Jefferson



    Vice Chair of the Venues and Markets Committee.

    Doug was elected for the first time in May 2023. He lives on the Cloverfield estate with his family.

    Doug said: “Since moving to Thetford in 2020 I have been delighted to call it my home. I have taken great joy in exploring the forest with my dog and discovering the town with my two young daughters. Thetford has all the ingredients to be one of the most special places in the UK to live, beautiful landscapes, natural scenery, a small market town with heritage, unique stories and culture down every street and in every ward. However at this moment in time I think it is being underserved and not fulfilling its potential. I want to change that. I want to make Thetford an example for other small market towns to follow by building a thriving economy, ensuring local business is encouraged and supported, maximising value from our council budget and providing facilities and events for all to benefit.”

    Doug says that he is incredibly proud and grateful to be representing residents on Thetford Town Council and looks forward to the challenging and exciting work. As a father to two young daughters Doug is passionate about making the town of Thetford a thriving and exciting place to live.

    Doug is Vice Chairman of the Venues & Communications Committee as well as being a member of Amenities and Planning.

    Ann Blackbourn



    Breckland District Councillor

    Ann was elected for the first time to both the Town Council and Breckland Council in May 2023, covering Castle Ward on both Councils.

    Now retired, Ann was a teacher in special educational needs and early years teaching. She enabled parents and children to access the support they were entitled to, although without that support parents were frequently denied this. She has supported undergraduates, who were training to become teachers, in their studies into special educational needs. Ann has also worked with parents and support agencies putting plans in place in order that children were able to continue with their education in appropriate settings.

    Ann said “I have four daughters who were all raised in Thetford that have now all moved away as the opportunities locally weren’t there when they left university. Thetford has long term plans and I want to be able to influence those plans, especially for children and families. I’ve been involved with a Sure Start centre and would love these to return as they are a badly missed resource”.

    Locally, Ann has opened her garden in support of the Thetford Open Gardens event, raising money for St Nicholas Hospice Care. She enjoys walking, particularly around Thetford Forest and the river with her two dogs. Ann is keen to hear from local residents about any concerns and issues and happy to answer any queries.

    On the Town Council Anne is a member of the Planning Committee, the Finance & Personnel Committee and the Heritage and Events Committee. On Breckland Council Anne sits on the Licencing Committee and is the Council’s representative to the Charles Burrell Museum and sites on the Breckland Area Museums Committee.

    Stuart Wright


    The Town Mayor is an ex officio member of all Committees.

    Chair of the Planning Committee.

    All invitations to the Mayor must be sent to the Mayor’s Secretary as follows: by post King’s House, King Street, Thetford, IP24 2AT, by phone 01842 754247 or email

    The Town Mayor is an ex officio member of all the Committees and Chairman of the Planning Committee.

    Town Council Representative serving on Energy Power Resources Thetford, Greater Thetford Development Partnership (Alternate) and Thetford Tourism and Heritage Partnership.


    Information about the councillors that represent Iceni

    Matthew Stirrup



    Matt was elected to the brand new Iceni Ward in May 2023.

    He began his career in Cambridge working at Addenbrookes Hospital in the A&E department, working in both trauma and paediatrics as a Physicians Assistant providing emergency/trauma care to patients. For many years healthcare was his main priority, offering support to patients in need and providing clinical training to student doctors to aid them with their ongoing studies. Following his career in healthcare Matt moved from looking after patients to looking after staff members with a change to Human Resources. Matt moved to Thetford in 2020 to live with his partner.

    Matt said “I am so grateful to have been elected to the Town Council. I plan on working to represent both my ward and the town of Thetford as a whole”.

    Matt spends his free time volunteering at community litter picks, assisting with many events hosted at the Charles Burrell Centre and walking along the various routes in Thetford Forest. Matt has a keen passion for the environment, often spending most Sundays walking at Warren Lodge or Barnham Common

    Matt said: “From my background in healthcare to my move into HR I hopefully demonstrate that I really value the welfare of people above all. Physical, mental, emotional and workplace welfare really are my priority and I would make it my goal to ensure the residents in my ward feel they have a councillor who stands up for them and their best interests. I also believe in accountability and as a Councillor I want to hold all of the other councillors to a high standard and code of conduct I believe they should be following in their workplace”.

    On the Town Council Matt is a member of the Heritage and Events Committee as well as being a member of the Planning Committee.

    Kristofer Brooks



    My name is Kris Brooks and I am one of two new councillors for the new Iceni ward in Thetford.

    I’m fast approaching 43 years of age and a father of two young children. I was born in Thetford and I have lived and worked in Thetford for the majority of my life. I wish to see Thetford thrive and want Thetford to be the success story, I know it can be. We have such an incredible history here in the town, with so much beauty. As a councillor, I want to see complete transparency in the decisions made, and to encourage a greater input from the people of Thetford. It’s our town and I strongly believe the town folk should be at the forefront of decision making; decisions that ultimately affect us all.  I love exploring our great surroundings, I’m a keen musician, love capturing life on film and enjoy photography.


    Information about the councillors that represent Priory

    Terry Land



    Breckland District Councillor

    Chair of the Venues and Markets Committee & Vice Chair of the Allotments Committee.

    “As somebody who was Essex born and bred, is now a Thetford resident and has always relished my UK citizenship I am proud of my heritage and very ready to acknowledge the influences that made me the person I am. I believe in British values of aspiration, fair play and looking out for each other.

    Aspiration is not and should not be a dirty word. I believe that in an economy our size nobody should be left behind. All of us aspire to a better life – and my British sense of fair play dictates to me that if somebody needs a leg up we should help not dismiss them. That is why I volunteer in a Community Shop at the Charles Burrell Centre – looking after others benefits all of us, not just the struggling.

    As well as providing an outlet for casework, I believe my role is to rebuild the market – the hub of our town – and attempt to provide a thriving facility everybody can be proud of. Communications between Council and residents have long been problematic, so again, my role is to repair that gap and get residents educated and invested in the many areas the Town Council serves them.

    We live in an area with so much potential. It is frustrating that our local Councils do not serve us better. Many surrounding areas often look down on our community despite us offering so much historical, commercial and tourism opportunities. We live in a beautiful area, which is just yearning for a voice.

    My hobbies include walking around Thetford, looking after the garden and watching my football team. Having worked for many years as a journalist, I enjoyed writing a column for a local Thetford community magazine detailing my local walks. I moved here immediately following the first Covid lockdown and truly believe I have landed in a real gem. As well as some lovely scenery, I’ve met more than my fair share of caring and inspirational people. I feel privileged to volunteer, working for the Community Shop in the Charles Burrell Centre and join litter picking teams around the town in an effort to at least reduce a bit the longstanding problem of untidy neighbourhoods”.

    On the Town Council Terry is Chair of the Venues & Communications Committee as well as being Vice Chair of the Allotments Committee and a member of the Planning Committee. At Breckland, Terry is a member of the Overview & Scrutiny Commission and a substitute member of the Planning Committee.

    Mike Brindle


    Breckland District Councillor

    Chair of Heritage & Events Committee.

    Mike said: “I’ve enjoyed representing Priory Ward since 2009 so I feel I am familiar with the issues that affect residents. I also know many people from my time as Headmaster of Rosemary Musker High School. My wife, Corinne and I are long-time Thetford residents, and I am committed to making Thetford a better place for all, and that’s what I will continue to work for if re-elected. We need more Labour councillors to campaign on national issues such as the cost of living and low wages, decent education for all, the environment and for a properly funded NHS. We will also need to fight on local issues that threaten your future or reduce your quality of life. As your local councillor I will always listen to your concerns and act where it is possible to do so. We can make Thetford a better place. For example, the Charles Burrell Centre, where I am a Founder Trustee, has created jobs, provided training, entertainment and recreation, and helped people set up new businesses”.

    Mike is Chair of the Heritage and Events Committee, a member of the Finance & Personnel Committee, a member of the Allotments Committee, a member of the Venues & Markets Committee, a member of Amenities and also Planning. At Breckland Council Mike is a member of the Planning Committee and the Appointments & Disciplinary Appeals Committee.

    Terry Jermy


    Breckland District Councillor & Norfolk County Councillor

    Chair of the Amenities (including Cemetery) and Finance and Personnel Committees.

    After leaving Charles Burrell High School and Thetford Sixth Form College, Terry began working for Keystone Development Trust, managing the Abbey Neighbourhood Centre. From there he worked for Norfolk-based charity the Benjamin Foundation. He became the first manager of the Meet Up Café at Canons Walk, co-ordinating the conversion of the redundant Redcastle Community Centre into a drop-in and support centre for children and young people.

    Terry has been a Town Councillor since 2008 and a Breckland Councillor since 2011 – representing Burrell Ward on both. From May 2023 he has represented Priory Ward. Terry is also a Norfolk County Councillor for Thetford West division which includes much of the Priory Ward and the whole of the Burrell Ward.

    Terry said: “I’d consider myself to be a hard-working and proactive Councillor and I’d like to think that I have a reputation for getting things done. I was the driving force behind the creation of the Charles Burrell Centre and I run the popular About Thetford magazine. I have lived in Thetford all my life and am very passionate about our community I also had the pleasure of serving as the Mayor of Thetford in 2016/17”.

    Learn more about Terry’s community work on Blogspot:

    At the Town Council Terry is the Chairman of the Amenities Committee and also Chairman of the Finance & Personnel Committee. He sits on the Allotments Committee and the Venues & Communications Committee as well as Planning Committee. At Breckland Council he is Chairman of the Overview & Scrutiny Commission as well as serving as Vice Chairman of the Council for 2023/24. At Norfolk County Council level Terry sits on the Corporate Select Committee as well as the Audit Committee. He is the Norfolk County Council appointed member of the Breckland Area Museums Committee and a Breckland Council appointed member of the Greater Thetford Partnership Board.

    Vicarage Road

    Information about the councillors that represent Vicarage Road

    Ronald Wood



    Newly elected in 2023 as town councillor for Vicarage Road Ward, Ron supports initiatives and investment aimed at neighbourhood improvement, community pride and embracing local cultural diversity.

    He would like to see shop units fully occupied in a busy and vibrant town centre, opposes unnecessary and infill site development, is proud of Thetford’s rich and unique history and looks forward to making a positive difference within the town.

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