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    Anne Bartholomew

    Information about the councillors that represent Anne Bartholomew

    Stuart Terry



    Vice Chair of Heritage & Events

    I have lived in Thetford for most of my life and have been happily married for just over 30 years. we have a son with learning difficulties, which is just one of the reasons why I care so passionately about the future and wellbeing of our community. I am enthusiastic, genuine and caring with a warm sense of humour. Since my election to Breckland Council in 2019 as the Breckland Councillor for the Boudica Ward,, I have worked tirelessly to support our local community. I am a firm believer in diversity and equality and I campaign against food poverty which I witness first-hand when I volunteered at the Thetford Food Bank. The current cost of living crisis is also high on my agenda to help address residents whom are struggling.

    I was educated in Thetford and work for a world wide branded motor manufacturer that has one of its plants in Thetford. Up until lockdown I was a volunteer at the Athena Education Trust, which helps improve access to education and training for children with social, emotional and mental health difficulties. I am an avid sports fan and have sponsored young budding sports enthusiasts in their sporting pursuits

    I am a keen and vocal promoter of local businesses and during lockdown during the pandemic thanked members of the public for their work in the local community on behalf of HM Lieutenant of Norfolk. I am also a proud recipient of a signed letter of gratitude from HM Lord Lieutenant of Norfolk for outstanding service to the county during the unprecedented times we were living through.

    I have enjoyed the time I have spent on Breckland Council and would welcome the chance to continue promoting and serving our amazing community Thetford has a lot to offer and hopefully my time spent on the town council will help raise its true potential which will support our younger residents.


    Information about the councillors that represent Boudica

    Adam Mitchell



    David Evans



    Mac MacDonald


    Local Conservative

    Vice Chair of the Planning Committee.

    After a full military career, Mac and his family settled in Thetford, making it their home in 2014. Keen to support the towns RAF links he was a driving force behind the granting of freedom for RAF Honington, a link which he hopes to build on. Mac’s hands-on approach and can-do-attitude to support the town has seen his involvement in many activities such as; The River Corridor Group, Community Speed Watch, 100 Day Womble Litter Pick, Norwich Road Estate Residents Association (Deputy Chair), Safer Thetford Action Group (Chair) and the Staniforth Trust (independent) to name but a few.

    Still wearing an RAF uniform a few days a week in a reserve role, he also works at the RAF Regiment Heritage Centre as Manager, although he believes that the other volunteers may actually be in charge.

    He is looking forward to meeting more of the fantastic volunteers from across the town and working with them, whilst also collaborating with the other Councillors to help Thetford reach its potential.

    His mantra is “If you are positive in thought word and deed, Thetford will benefit”


    Information about the councillors that represent Burrell

    David Blackbourn



    Vice Chair of Finance & Personnel Committee.

    Victor Peters



    Carla Barreto


    As a Town councillor, my aims are to provide all residents with a voice, in order to improve the town and its services making Thetford a place everyone is proud of. I also want to promote more transparency and communication between the Town Council and the public, and support approaches that promote interaction between generations, building on mutual respect and understanding. Lastly, I want to encourage residents from the most varied groups in the community to have a positive and active participation in community life and its services.

    Town Council representative serving on Greater Thetford Development Partnership Community Sub-Group and Thetford Music Project.

    Chris Harvey


    Chairman of the Allotments Committee.

    Breckland District Councillor

    As a local and a great believer in grass roots democracy and a long term Labour voter I wanted to stand for Council to give residents a voice which seemed to be ignored and give something back to our town.

    Town Council representative serving on Nunnery Lakes Advisory Committee.


    Information about the councillors that represent Castle

    Hazel McCambridge



    Vice Chair of the Amenities (including Cemetery) Committee.

    Douglas Jefferson



    Vice Chair of the Venues and Markets Committee.

    I am incredibly proud and grateful to be representing residents on Thetford Town Council and look forward to the challenging and exciting work we can do. As a father to two young daughters I am passionate about making the town of Thetford a thriving and exciting place to live. We have an incredible amount of natural beauty, a rich and storied history to draw on and with passionate people as well we can unlock Thetford’s potential as a great market town.

    As a Town Councillor I want to work to ensure Thetford Town Council works effectively in the interests of residents and ensuring we are open, accountable and challengeable in our decision making process.

    Ann Blackbourn



    Stuart Wright


    The Town Mayor is an ex officio member of all Committees.

    Chair of the Planning Committee.

    All invitations to the Mayor must be sent to the Mayor’s Secretary as follows: by post King’s House, King Street, Thetford, IP24 2AT, by phone 01842 754247 or email

    The Town Mayor is an ex officio member of all the Committees and Chairman of the Planning Committee.

    Town Council Representative serving on Energy Power Resources Thetford, Greater Thetford Development Partnership (Alternate) and Thetford Tourism and Heritage Partnership.


    Information about the councillors that represent Iceni

    Matthew Stirrup



    I’d like to begin by saying how grateful I am to have been elected to the town council and how hard I plan on working to represent both my ward and the town of Thetford as a whole.

    I began my career in Cambridge working at Addenbrookes Hospital in the A&E department, working in both trauma and paediatrics as a Physicians Assistant providing emergency/trauma care to patients. For many years healthcare was my main priority, offering support to patients in need and providing clinical training to student doctors to aid them with their ongoing studies. Following my career in healthcare I moved from looking after patients to looking after staff members with a change to Human Resources. I then moved to Thetford in 2020 to live with my partner. 

    I often spend my free time volunteering at the community litter picks, assisting with many events hosted at the Charles Burrell Centre and walking along the various routes in Thetford Forest. I have a keen passion for the environment, often spending most Sundays walking at Warren Lodge or Barnham Common – usually with my family member’s dog for company.

    Because of this I hope to work on policies that safeguard and protect the local environment. 

    From my background in healthcare to my move into HR I hopefully demonstrate that I really value the welfare of people above all. Physical, mental, emotional and workplace welfare really are my priority and I would make it my goal to ensure the residents in my ward feel they have a councillor who stands up for them and their best interests. I also believe in accountability and as a Councillor I want to hold all of the other councillors to a high standard and code of conduct I believe they should be following in their workplace.

    Thetford has great potential that should be delved into by supporting local amenities, focusing on the amazing asset that is the river, promoting the potential the forest has and having open and honest communication with residents to see what they want, or feel, Thetford needs.

    Kristofer Brooks



    My name is Kris Brooks and I am one of two new councillors for the new Iceni ward in Thetford.

    I’m fast approaching 43 years of age and a father of two young children. I was born in Thetford and I have lived and worked in Thetford for the majority of my life. I wish to see Thetford thrive and want Thetford to be the success story, I know it can be. We have such an incredible history here in the town, with so much beauty. As a councillor, I want to see complete transparency in the decisions made, and to encourage a greater input from the people of Thetford. It’s our town and I strongly believe the town folk should be at the forefront of decision making; decisions that ultimately affect us all.  I love exploring our great surroundings, I’m a keen musician, love capturing life on film and enjoy photography.


    Information about the councillors that represent Priory

    Terry Land



    Breckland District Councillor

    Chair of the Venues and Markets Committee & Vice Chair of the Allotments Committee.

    Terry Land was successfully elected as Boudica Ward Breckland Councillor in a by-election in July 2022. Since then, he has made a real difference and got stuck into a whole range of local issues.

    In May 2023 he successfully defended his Breckland seat as well as winning a Town Council seat on Priory Ward, where he lives.

    Now retired, having had jobs as diverse as HGV driver, production operative and as a journalist on national newspapers, Terry has been a community activist and a dedicated charity volunteer in different roles for most of his adult life. He currently volunteers at the Community Shop in the Charles Burrell Centre.

    He is also a regular attendee at various local community litter picks and helps lead the newly created Boudica Ward litter pick every month alongside fellow councillor Stuart Terry.

    Terry will be recognised as the once author of the popular “Flaneur” column in the About Thetford magazine. Many residents will have seen him out and about walking around the town with his trademark headphones on listening to podcasts or music.

    Mike Brindle


    Breckland District Councillor

    Chair of Heritage & Events Committee.

    My aims for Thetford are to see more varied jobs available, to protect our heritage, develop tourism and to make the Town Council more accountable.

    I strongly support the development of community and youth facilites such as Charles Burrell Centre.  Thetford should have more control over our own future!

    Town Council Representative serving on: Charles Burrell Centre Ltd Directors.

    Terry Jermy


    Breckland District Councillor & Norfolk County Councillor

    Chair of the Amenities (including Cemetery) and Finance and Personnel Committees.

    After leaving Charles Burrell High School and College, Terry began working for Keystone Development Trust, managing the Abbey Neighbourhood Centre. From there he worked for Norfolk-based charity the Benjamin Foundation. He became the first manager of the Meet Up Café at Canons Walk, co-ordinating the conversion of the redundant Redcastle Community Centre into a drop-in and support centre for children and young people. 

    Terry has been a Town Councillor since 2008 and a Breckland Councillor since 2011 – representing Burrell Ward on both. From May 2023 he has represented Priory Ward. Terry is also a Norfolk County Councillor for Thetford West division which includes much of the Priory Ward and the whole of the Burrell Ward.

    Terry said: “I’d consider myself to be a hard-working and proactive Councillor and I’d like to think that I have a reputation for getting things done. I was the driving force behind the creation of the Charles Burrell Centre and I run the popular About Thetford magazine. I have lived in Thetford all my life and am very passionate about our community I also had the pleasure of serving as the Mayor of Thetford in 2016/17”.

    Learn more about Terry’s community work on Blogspot:

    Vicarage Road

    Information about the councillors that represent Vicarage Road

    Ronald Wood



    Newly elected in 2023 as town councillor for Vicarage Road Ward, Ron supports initiatives and investment aimed at neighbourhood improvement, community pride and embracing local cultural diversity.

    He would like to see shop units fully occupied in a busy and vibrant town centre, opposes unnecessary and infill site development, is proud of Thetford’s rich and unique history and looks forward to making a positive difference within the town.

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